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Special Forces soldiers waiting


The special forces' projection and discretion capacities are critical in fulfilling combat missions, where the risk exposure is highest due to the immediate proximity to the enemy.

As the access to certain dual technologies might increase the enemy's fighting capacities, it is even more essential that the special forces can count on solutions thought, developed, and provided through ever more agile procedures. 
The proposed solutions must be reliable, light, and extremely simple. These solutions must make the difference against ever more determined and well-equipped opponents. 



  • Breaching, assault preparation;

  • Zone neutralization;

  • Remote control actuation.


Remote control detonator

Davey Bickford, a visionary company, has pioneered the electronic detonators' systems technology for the mining industry use. 

Based on technologies proven for more than 30 years now, who better than DBD can make pyrotechnics, electronics, and embedded software coexisting ? 


Electric detonator - Model F3

The 1A1W detonator was initially developed for the land forces, but the F3 model is also an ideal solution for the Special Forces. 

It can be used for hot effraction, breaching, and naturally for more conventional explosive initiation operations. 

The model F3 detonator is offered in the standard version with an 800 mg penthrite payload, but the line is available in various payloads (type of explosive and  amount) on demand. 

Electric detonator - Model F3

Non-electric pyrotechnic assembly

The non-electric pyrotechnic lines provide alternatives to electrical detonating solutions, total immunity to electromagnetic environments, lightness, and infinite modularity, depending on utilization conditions.

Integrating the shock wave conductor tube technology perfectly mastered by the company, DBD's non-electric solutions find their natural place in the panel of solutions available for the special forces. 


Flexible detonating cord

The DBD cords combine more than one hundred years of savoir-faire in flexible cords manufacturing and the necessary solution customization with meeting every need.

 The range is available from 5 to 70 g/m.

The packaging and wrapping can be adapted to meet the most demanding readiness constraints (including air cargo). 


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