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Rafale aircraft flying over mountains


Air superiority is very often decisive in armed conflicts. 
Combat aircrafts are governed by the harshest operational conditions as part of their missions.


For the units' armament, the crew's safety, and the success of these missions, the air forces must count on the most reliable and safer pyrotechnical ignition solutions. 


The DBD products are known for their proven robustness.


Engaged equally in the reliability and the security of air missions, they naturally fit the most sophisticated applications: payload ejection, cockpit evacuation, decoy and countermeasures devices actuators, airmissiles… 


Release systems cartridges

A concentrated form of technologies and savoir-faire, the DBD cartridges used for payload ejection applications meet the OTAN standards (STANAG 3556 – STANAG 3575).

The DBD line focuses on various optimized versions depending on the applicable operational environment conditions and, on the other side, the expected functional performances (generated gas volume, specified ejection speed…).

Release systems cartridges

Electric detonator - Model 4880

The initiators integrated in the ammunition used for air missions and operations face extremely challenging environment profiles. 

The 4882 electric detonator is the perfect example of the alliance between the company's fully mastered savoir-faire and the interface elements' definition adaptation, enabling compliance with top-notch security and reliability-based demanding tasks. 

Detonator Electric - Model 4880

Cruise missile initiators

This kind of igniter complies with exact requirements.


Because there are missions where every millisecond counts, DBD has the necessary savoir-faire to adapt the reactivity characteristics to meet, at best, every customer's need. 

The primary load selection is made upon a large panel of solutions likely to generate an infinite range of effects combinations (gas, flame, hot particles, etc.). 

Cruise missile initiators VF

Thermal battery igniter - Model 2030

This kind of initiator can be used, among others, for the thermal battery activation of  missiles. 

DBD has a renowned savoir-faire in the formulation of igniter compositions that enables to offer the customer exact flame effects depending on the application-specific needs. 


Thermal battery igniter - Model 2030

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