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Passionate staff, unrivalled know-how and accurate processes for industrial excellence.

Our industrial organisation


Our industrial organisation

Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE), the Héry site has undergone constant improvements to meet every regulatory requirement that applies to our area of work.


DBD has the buildings and production means dedicated to its fabrications. 


Safety first

Because of the related risks to our activities, safety has always been and will remain our absolute priority. 

In this context, we pay the highest care to the training of our people and the management of pyrotechnical skills. 

Safety first
Process qualification - Industrial


Process Qualification

Dedicated process engineering and quality teams are committed to qualify production processes, including ad-hoc production lines and modular workshops for ''one shot'' orders, according to the highest international standards and customer expectations.


Industrial signature processes

DBD proudly undertakes its historical expertise at the Davey Bickford company setting forth various original procedures with decade-long proven sturdiness: blade header technology, dipping process, energetic substance dosing and consolidations, non-destructive tests are a few examples of these ‘signature’’ processes we control.  

2 DBD employees working with fully protective helmets
Technical precision


Technical precision

Welding a 20 µm fine wire? Yes we can!

Laser assembly, ultrasonic welding, overmolding, harness and connector assembling are examples of the numerous precision processes controlled by the DBD experts.


Manual processes for 
short and medium series

Individual workstations allow the execution of any operations by the expert hands of our dedicated staff with just one goal: excellence for all.

Manual processes
Automated machineries for mass productions


Automated machineries for mass productions

Built on specs automatic lines allow manufacturing of electric and non-electric microdetonators, stab detonators and detonating relays.


Lot Acceptance Test capabilities

For each of our production part, the inspection plan includes specific lot acceptance conditions.

100% of our deliveries include inspection report and certificate of conformance.

Lot acceptance and  test capabilities
Underground storage



Our depots allow the storage and conservation of dangerous goods in both safe and secure conditions on our site.

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