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Mechanics fastening a rocket under the wing of an airplane standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier


Naval operations, whether on the surface or underwater, like the aircraft carrier battle operations, submit armament systems and equipment to some of the most severe and versatile environmental conditions including but not limited to saline ambiences, combined depressure/overpressure conditions, toughened electromagnetic agressions, specific shock and vibration profiles… 
The versatility of missions require strong choices in terms of design to make the solutions compatible with every use.


The reliability and the sturdiness characterizing the DBD products enable customers to incorporate them into armament equipment as diverse as naval missiles, torpedoes, sea mines, and anti-submarine mines… 

Our products are also used for self-protection and counter-measure applications. 


Anti-ship missile electrical squib - Model 3162

Because there are missions where every millisecond counts, DBD has the appropriate expertise to adapt the reactivity characteristics and the initiators' performance to meet every customer's requirement. 

The 3162 igniter is the perfect example of a successful combination of cutting-edge pyrotechnics, technologies, materials and tailor-made wire harness and connectors solutions. 

Anti-ship missile electrical squib - Model 3162

Submarine mine detonator - Model 5401

This detonator for submarine mines belongs to a family that encompasses multiple sensitivities according to the applicable security and firing requirements.


The main loading is carefully selected to provide an initiation performance that meets the need as close as possible. 

Its sturdy and watertight design makes it particularly suitable for use in such specific environmental conditions. 

Submarine mine detonator - Model 5401

Abort mission actuator electrical squib - Model 3802

This kind of initiator has an exact security functionality in submarine defence applications: a pyrotechnical control triggers gas production in a calibrated volume.


The thrust force generated by gasses results in the translation of a sealing axis, allowing water penetration from the outside, leading to the torpedo drowning.

Abort mission actuator electrical squib - Model 3802

Self protection - Countermeasures electric igniter - Model 2350

With excellent user experience feedback, the electric igniters of the 2350 line are used for the initiation of self-protection devices, both on aircrafts and warships. 

The 1A1W 5min security level guarantees these igniters a safe application, even in harsh electromagnetic environments. 

Self protection - Countermeasures electric igniter

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