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Supporting our customers in delivering tailor-made solutions, it is not only about designing top-notch products but also providing services which will ensure the long-term sustainability of the solutions we deliver.


Core competences R&D

Core competences    

The chemistry of primary explosives: formulation, characterisation, and safe production of these most unstable energetic substances is in the DNA of the company.

Design of pyrotechnic initiators and initiation systems: 
Because of the specificity of the substances we produce, DBD makes no compromise and remains the pure player of pyrotechnical ignition and has, in this area, unrivalled savoir-faire. 


Energetic materials

DBD is a recognized leader in pyrotechnics: whatever the regime, combustion, deflagration or detonation, we support!

We pay continuous effort to improve the formulation of our energetic substances as to make them safer, better, greener:

  • Primary explosives;

  • REDOX ignition mixtures;

  • Delay mixtures;

  • ...   

Energic materials



Pyrotechnic initiators and initiation systems

We enrich everyday our products portfolio with new versions of initiators: whatever your application, it deserves a DBD signature solutions: 

  • Igniters,

  • Squibs,

  • Cartridges, gas generators,

  • Pyrotechnic actuators,

  • Electric detonators,

  • Primers,

  • Stab detonators,

  • Non-electric detonators assemblies,

  • ...


Chemical lab

We master the methods and have all the necessary means to characterize our pyrotechnical substances following applicable standards. 

DBD Chemical lab


Methodology test R&D

Test methodology

The specificity of our work also brings us to think and design with our customers' original methods and means of characterization of tailor-made pyrotechnical solutions that we offer them. 

Some examples: 

  • Horizontal benches (aircraft release system, countermeasures...);

  • Ignition train (artillery fuzes);

  • High-speed camera bench (pyrotechnic train cinematics).


Equipment range for product qualification

We have a significant material park to ensure the realization on site of all kinds of operational environments tests: 

  • Temperature conditioning;

  • Climatic enclosures (temperature and RH profiles);

  • Thermal shocks;

  • Salt fog;

  • Fall test;

  • Vibration bench and mechanical shocks (semi-sinus, random,...); 

  • Electrical monitoring (continuous, transient, pulsed...);

  • Electro-static discharge.

DBD personnel proceeding to product qualification.
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