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Supporting our customers in delivering tailor-made solutions, it is not only about designing top-notch products but also providing services which will ensure the long-term sustainability of the solutions we deliver.


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Customer Program

Committed with the customers’ specific requests, the main purpose of these programs is to create strong value-added, tailor-made and differentiated solutions.

Our customers are involved in every step of the project as part of the validation process to make sure that the targeted value is delivered at every milestone.

Those programs are led according to tried and constantly updated development protocols. 

Every customer program:

  • benefits from a dedicated multidisciplinary team and an allocated project manager;

  • is regularly reviewed by the executive committee.


Design To Specs

R&D teams are at the service of our customers. New DBD initiators can be designed to specification and customer being given the exclusive usage of the product.

Our Product Life Management (PLM) organisation and tools  guarantee the availability and the security of the product and process documentation at anytime, for the past and next 30 years (at least !).


Design To Specs
DBD Packaging



Not only in product or process, DBD long time proven know-how also applies to packaging.

Our teams design original packaging solutions in the way to facilitate transport, storage as also the utilization of our products on the field by end users.

The transport and storage classification certificate of all our packagings is delivered by independent Governmental Agency.


Testing & Qualification

Whatever the intended goal, whether for verification of performances according to a particular testing program, or verification of compliance to a given standard (MIL-STD or else) or certification according to a given directive for delivery of CE marking, …


DBD teams are committed to support you in the most efficient manner.

Testing & Qualification



Operational Reliability and Safety (ORS)

Safety and Reliability are two non-negotiable prerequisites for critical components and systems such as initiators and pyrotechnic initiation systems, easy to say. Then what?

The difficulty in addressing the question of, among others, the safety and reliability of initiators is that they are one shot devices.

The demonstration of ORS objectives is based on the data collection, exploitation, and analysis resulting from a reasonable balance between theory, modelling, empirical tests, and feedback. DBD provides its customers with fully-fledged competence. 


Equipment Operational Readiness (EOR)

While controlling product availability under short leadtime and assisting customers team in the most proactive manner, DBD contribute to maintaining the weapon system's and  final users' platforms ready for operations at any time. 

Mechanics working on a warplane
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