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Soldiers walking in line in a desert


First, they are men and women of commitment. 

While protecting nations, the land forces are engaged in operations of different nature, complexity and intensity. They fulfil their missions on various and complex grounds where they can fight increasingly determined opponents. 

Readiness, robustness and versatility of the equipment is of the essence for the success of their missions.


DBD supports the land forces with a complete panel of pyrotechnical initiator solutions for various applications including but not limited to,  EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), IEDD (Improvised Explosive Ordnance Disposal), areas protection, anti-tank defence, fire support helicopters' armament, …. 


Electric detonator - Model F3

Emblematic product of the DBD line, the model F3 detonator can be used indiscriminately for mine clearance operations or detonating cords' initiation for destruction-demolition operations, including kick-starting breaching devices. 

This model of detonator is a must. Priority given to enhanced safety of users on the field, it offers ‘’1A1W’’ safety level, 1.4B classification of tactical packaging (M2A1 military box) and individual safety case.

F3 detonator

Electrical squib - Model 3022

The 3022 range is an excellent choice for applications where versatile characteristics and ignition performances are demanded.


Mainly used for 2.75" rocket ignition, this igniter model provides a successful compromise in terms of simplicity of use, watertightness, sturdiness, and customization options.

Electrical squib - Model 3022

Artillery fuse train components

DBD has a valuable savoir-faire in miniature initiators for artillery rocket use, such as electric micro detonator, stab detonator, detonating relays, pyrotechnic delays, flame igniters, …

Not only the delivery of each of this type of components, depending on the customer's models and expectations, DBD can also propose the integration of the components at upper level (ignition train). 

Artillery fuses train components - 54006A01

Pyromechanic assembly – model 77001

The perfect illustration of DBD's industrial capabilities, the 77001 assembly is intended for a border land securization application.

It consists in a clockwork device where no less than 4 micro-initiators are assembled and connected together to achieve the operational reliability and safety goals of the terrestrian protection device.

platine HPD

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